Some helpful tips for going green in college

Detour to San Pedro, Belize!

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I absolutely love to travel. It is one of my most favorite things to do. I never studied abroad, but living and/or traveling abroad for an extended period of time sounds super exciting! Even though I’ve never spent a long period of time anywhere, I’ve gotten to take these little trips over the years that have been really meaningful in a lot of ways. For instance, last March during spring break, I traveled to San Pedro, Belize. Belize is a very special place to my family, so I had been there before but I never really saw it like I did when I was there in March. San Pedro, Belize is a beautiful little part of the world that is nestled along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Here–check it out!


This is a picture I took from the “puddle-jumper” airplane as we arrived in San Pedro. And, let me just tell you, you should probably try to avoid at all costs ever riding one of these things…yikes! Anyway, this picture really shows just how vast of a place the Caribbean is…and just how surreal. During my time in Belize, I would take a lot of walks along the beach. I think I have mentioned before that I am a die-hard ocean lover! I think that is the Pisces coming out in me, but I just can’t help it! There are certain sections of the beach that are so perfectly landscaped: raked, planted, watered…cared for. It was nice to see, but then I would stumble upon other parts of the beach that were covered in garbage. I was outraged to say the least…it mostly made me incredibly sad to think that there was that much trash just spread along the surf. I asked my dad where all the garbage came from and he told me that cruise ships will just dump trash off the side of the ship…both passengers and crew members. I wasn’t entirely surprised by this, but, it frustrated me nonetheless knowing that someone thought it was appropriate to just throw trash into the ocean like that. He or she sadly didn’t care and it happens more often than none. However, we must care about where our garbage goes because this is how marine life is killed. Seals and other aquatic animals will often get caught in plastic bags and other waste that ends up suffocating them. The picture below was not one that I took, but it is exactly what the polluted beach looked like in Belize and, unfortunately, other beaches around the world.


Please rethink before you litter. It is the most simple thing to avoid. Everyone should really understand that even though you may think you’re just getting rid of something, it doesn’t just disappear into thin air. I want to shed more light on this subject hoping that we can put an end to littering!


Author: gogreen311

Hello my fellow Earth friends! My name is Laura and this is the first blog I've ever started, so I hope that you all will find it fun and beneficial. I am from Northern Virginia, but I entered Juniata College located in central Pennsylvania almost four years ago as a freshman and now I am a senior...the time has certainly flown by! I am studying Media Writing and Literature. A couple of my "favorite things" would have to include traveling, going out to eat, spending time with friends, laughing, telling stories, and the beautiful outdoors. I never really considered myself much of an outdoor professional; however, over the past several years, I have developed such a huge place in my heart for nature living in such a lush part of the country. Each day I am surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, and all that our Earth is capable of providing for us. I have come to realize more and more the dangers that our Earth faces as people are becoming less responsible about taking care of it. Being a college student, I have realized even more how wasteful we really can be. So, I wanted to create a blog with the hope that it will provide readers with some quick and useful tools for going green as well as to provide some personal stories about living sustainably that everyone will, hopefully, find entertaining, relatable, and informative. All it takes is a few, minor changes to your everyday routine and you will eventually come to understand that the smallest of improvements will truly make a world of difference. Enjoy!

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